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In principle, enrollment and tuition fees are paid from each student's bank account. But it is also possible to pay in cash at the office. Tuition fees should be paid by the end of April for the first semester and by the end of October for the second semester. Tuition fees (link:http://www.chiba-u.ac.jp/e/admission/proc/fee.html )

Emergency Contacts

i-ex01.gifWhen injured
  • Call Student Affairs (ext. 8715)
    First aid at the sick room (ext. 8731)
  • Nearby hospitals
    Shin Tokyo Hospital (047-366-7000)
    Cosmo Matsudo Clinic (047-368-1513)
    Matsudo City Hospital (047-363-2171)
  • Call an ambulance (119) to go to a nearby hospital
i-ex01.gifWhen you find a suspicious character
at night
Flee into a research room nearby. i-ex02.gifCall the security company
Phone : 043-221-8715
i-ex01.gifWhen you encounter with a molester or a thief Call a police office.
Phone : 110
i-ex02.gifContact a professor or a school office (the security company at night)
School Office :
Security Company :
i-ex01.gifWhen you find a small fire Fight a fire
i-ex01.gifWhen you find a big fire Call a fire station.
Phone : 119
i-ex01.gifWhen a strong earthquake and other disasters occur Evacuate to a reserve i-ex02.gifTell your own safety to your professor or a school office
School Office :
※Call NTT Disaster Dial (171) to leave your message 、when it is difficult to connect through the usual line.

Tuition Exemption

If it is difficult for economic reasons to pay tuition, privately funded international students with excellent academic records can submit the application for tuition exemption.

Applications are in January to February for the 1st semester and in July to September for the 2nd semester. Detailed information will be posted on the bulletin board and HP.

For inquiry, please contact Dept. of Student Affairs (ext. phone number: 2178).

Brief Syllabus

Graduate School of Horticulture
International Course
List of Course Lectures
1Physiology of plant resources2
2Plant Genome Science2
3Plant Cellular Breeding2
4Advanced theory of plant pathosystem2
5Pedoshere science2
6Topics in planr protection2
7Plant molecular physiology2
8Biomolecular Chemistry2
9Flora and Vegetation Conservation Ecology2
10Environmental Information Science2
11System engineering of landscape2
12Landscape and greenspace design2
13Garden and environment2
14Town and country planning2
15Environment and resource economics 2




International Program
Expert Program
Chiba University
Graduate School
& Faculty
of Horticulture

648 Matsudo Matsudo-shi Chiba 271-8510 Japan