Emergency Contacts

i-ex01.gifWhen injured
  • Call Student Affairs (ext. 8715)
    First aid at the sick room (ext. 8731)
  • Nearby hospitals
    Shin Tokyo Hospital (047-366-7000)
    Cosmo Matsudo Clinic (047-368-1513)
    Matsudo City Hospital (047-363-2171)
  • Call an ambulance (119) to go to a nearby hospital
i-ex01.gifWhen you find a suspicious character
at night
Flee into a research room nearby. i-ex02.gifCall the security company
Phone : 043-221-8715
i-ex01.gifWhen you encounter with a molester or a thief Call a police office.
Phone : 110
i-ex02.gifContact a professor or a school office (the security company at night)
School Office :
Security Company :
i-ex01.gifWhen you find a small fire Fight a fire
i-ex01.gifWhen you find a big fire Call a fire station.
Phone : 119
i-ex01.gifWhen a strong earthquake and other disasters occur Evacuate to a reserve i-ex02.gifTell your own safety to your professor or a school office
School Office :
※Call NTT Disaster Dial (171) to leave your message 、when it is difficult to connect through the usual line.




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