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If  international students want to get a job in Japan, they have to change their Status of Residence.

This seminar will introduce how to take the procedure of Change Status of Residence smoothly to the international students who want to get a job in Japan and who have already got a tentative job offer in Japan.



Date: November 20, 2009 

Time: 17:00 ~ 19:00

Lecturer: Mr. Toshio Kitano, Chief of Kitano Administrative Affairs Office

For: International Students who are going to get a job, and who have already got a tentative job offer in Japan

Place: International Education Center 1st floor, Large lecture Room

Limited: 50 people

Promoted by International Education Center, International Student Affairs Office


International Student Affairs Office, phone043-290-2192, dgc2199@office.chiba-u.jp

Prof. Wada, phone 043-290-2201, kenwada@faculty.chiba-u.jp





International Symposium for the 100th Anniversary of Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University will be held on October 30.  Many international alumni and alumnae of Graduate School of Horticulture will participate from abroad. International students are very welcome to take part in this event.


Theme: "Seeking for creators of global horticultural urban dynamism through visible networking of diverse collaboration of universities and local sectors" celebrating the New Centennial Era of the Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University       

Date and time: October 30, 14:00~17:00

Place: Godo lecture room

Details: Please see symposium 100th.pdf 



詳細は、ファイルを参照してください。 国際シンポジウム概要.pdf

Important Notice!! : Registration of Scholarships in 2010s for Private International Students


For Private International Students who enrolled into the Graduate School of Chiba University in October 2009, and who are intended to enroll into the Graduate School of Chiba University in April, 2010.  If they want to apply for scholarships in 2010, they must register in advance.

Periods: from October 19 till October 23, 2009 

Place: Gakumu Group (Administration Office in Matsudo Campus)

Registration forms are available at Gakumu Counter at Matsudo or please download it from the 登録票(英語)[1].doc.


Please be careful if you do not register in advance, you will not be able to apply for the scholarships in 2010s.


私費留学生の皆さん:重要! 2010年度 奨学金の申請の事前登録のお知らせ。



対象者:平成21年10月 博士前期課程、博士後期課程入学者

    平成22年4月  博士前期課程、博士後期課程入学予定者





登録票HPからダウンロードしていいただくか、( 登録票(日本語)[1].doc 、または、学生生活担当から受け取ってください。事前登録をしていないと、奨学金申請ができないので注意してください。


   詳しくはPDFを参照してください。 奨学金登録について(お知らせ).pdf








International Workshop on Health, Environment and

Town/Life Planning for Sustainable Welfare Society


Date   October 15 and 16, 2009

Venue"Seeds Hall", Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences, Chiba University, Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan

Official Language English/Japanese (with simultaneousinterpretation)

Organized by    CARSS (Chiba University Association for Research in Sustainability Sciences), Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences and Center for Preventive Medical Science, Chiba University


for details please see >>>国際WSポスター_091015-16.pdf program_final0924.doc 







博士後期課程学生に対しては、本ワークショップへの出席は国際化対応科目IIMulti-campus International LectureII)の一部とみなされます。









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