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March 2012Archives

To Master's Program and Doctoral Program students (enrollment in April)


Please submit your "Research Progress Report" or "Study Plan" to the

Academic Affairs Group, Graduate School of Horticulture.


Research Progress Report

Research Progress Report>>> 

                                       Research progress report (研究経過報告書).doc


Object: The second grader and the third grader

Deadline: March 30

Please submit it as soon as possible when not having submitted it yet.


Study Plan

Study plan M >>> Study plan M(履修計画票).doc

Study plan D>>>  Study plan D(履修計画票).doc

Object: The first grader

Deadline: April 27


Each document requires your main academic advisor's seal.

This content is confirmed at the school affairs committee.


Academic Affairs Group

Graduate School of Horticulture, Chiba University

   Tel 047-308-8712,8714(ext. 8713

 Fax 047-308-8720

 E-Mail engei-daigakuin@office.chiba-u.jp






対 象:博士前期課程、博士後期課程の新2年生以上






対 象:博士前期課程、博士後期課程の新1年生

締 切:4月27日(金)




千葉大学 園芸学部学務係(大学院担当)

 Tel 047-308-8712,8714(内線8713

 Fax 047-308-8720

 E-Mail engei-daigakuin@office.chiba-u.jp

Master's Thesis Schedule: 2012 Spring Semester >>> Master's Thesis Schedule 2012 Spring.pdf

Doctoral Thesis Schedule: 2012 Spring Semester>>> Doctoral Thesis Schedule 2012 Spring.pdf




International Program
Expert Program
Chiba University
Graduate School
& Faculty
of Horticulture

648 Matsudo Matsudo-shi Chiba 271-8510 Japan