Sharing Accomplishments of

Plant Environment Designing Program 

and Plant Factory Project

in Chiba University

November 28-30, 2012

Host Institutions:

Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences, Chiba University

Graduate School of Horticulture, Chiba University

Japan Plant Factory Association (NPO)


Plant Environment Designing Program is held as part of the Campus Asia Project sponsored by Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Technology. This program aims to develop international human resources who can promote the contribution of plants to the environment in diverse urban environments. Held jointly by the Faculty of Horticulture, the Design Department of the School of Engineering, and the Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences of Chiba University, hand in hand with companies and local governments, this program is trying to breed human resources with project planning and implementation capacities as well as technological knowledge, by providing students from different backgrounds and nationalities with far-reaching internship and reality-based project opportunities.

The Plant Factory Project of Chiba University, with the most advanced plant factories, both solar-using type and artificial-light-only type, and with nine research consortia participated by academics and commercial companies, is for the development, verification, exhibition and training of plant factory technology, aiming at realizing high productivity and high quality vegetable production by means of ideal environmental control.  This international meeting presents all the results these research consortia have thus far attained.

The experiences and outcomes of the Plant Environment Designing Program and the Plant Factory Projects will be shared during the Gathering International Conference 2012.


Day 1: November 28 (Wed.) at the Kashiwanoha Campus, Chiba University

     13:00 - 14:30

In-campus field tour of the facilities of Plant Factory Center for Research and Extension at Kashiwanoha Campus, Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences, Chiba University 


      Keynotes speech from each participating country at Seeds Hall


      Workshops (All instructors and students join the discussion in small groups) 


      Reception & Interchange


Day 2: November 29 (Thus.) at Keyaki Kaikan (University Hall), Nishi Chiba Campus

     @Conference: Accomplishments of Campus Asia Program/ Plant Environment Designing School


      Presentations by instructors and students

2        City Green Projects

2        Urban Plant Factory Projects

LanguageFEnglish@iwith simultaneous interpreting to Japanesej

     17:30- 19:00

       Reception at Keyaki


Day 3: November 30 (Fri.) at Keyaki Kaikan (University Hall), Nishi Chiba Campus

      Conference: Accomplishments of Chiba University Plant Factory Project


 [Lecture] "Accomplishments of Plant Factory Project at Chiba University: A Summary:"

Dr. Toru MARUO (Chiba University)@

[Consortium Session]

  Presentations by nine (9) consortia

[Lecture] "Review and Perspectives on Plant Factory"

Dr. Toyoki KOZAI (President, Japan Plant Factory Association, Professor Emeritus, Chiba Univ.)

Language: Japanese@iwith simultaneous interpreting to Englishj



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