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Subject to terms and conditions as provided below, the Graduate school of Horticulture, Chiba University accepts international students whom the Chinese government sponsors through the Chinese Government Graduate Student Overseas Study Program operated by the China Scholarship Council (CGOP).


Before applying, please contact a desired supervisor in the education and research field that you wish to choose, and inquire about the content of the related education and research so as to confirm your choice, and gain the preliminary acceptance for applying.

1.        Programs and divisions offered

Special research students


2.       Eligibility

        Students from Tsinghua University, China Agricultural University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Beijing Forestry University or Nanjing Agricultural University are eligible.


3.     Application period

        January 8 (Tue.) 2013 - January 9 (Wed.), 2013


4.    Method of application

       Application documents should be sent to the admission office of the Graduate school using
       a postal  (ex. EMS) or other delivery means that provides tracking service.


5.    Selection Interviews

       February 7 (Thu.), 2013.
6.    The result of the selection
       It will be notified to the applicant by post in early March 2013.
       However, the admission will be cancelled if the applicant is not granted a CGOP scholarship.


    Admission semester   October 2013



Application Guidelines.doc                                  Attachment.doc 






NX}XW.JPGOn December 5th, 2012 (Wed) 6pm~8pm 

A Christmas party was held by ISGM at Chiba University's Matsudo campus.

The party was attended by international and Japanese students, professors, staffs and off campus supporters in Matsudo city. The room was full of people and it was a very lively party. 


After eating ethnic food made by Chinese, Korean, Thai, Pakistan and Vietnamese students, there was an introduction of off campus supporters. Then a poem was read by a Macedonian student followed by a performance by a Japanese student, a chorus by professors, staffs and Japanese students and a group dance by Thai students.

We all played a game of bingo and ended the party after singing "We are the World".


Students who are usually very busy studying and researching looked relaxed and seemed to have fully enjoyed the party.




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