2nd International Students Festival

 Meeting for CUMISA and the 2nd International Students Festival was held on June 6th, 2013 from 4pm at Tojogaoka Hall.


This year, they had a workshop based on the theme for the festival which was "Let's talk real! Campus life of International students the future of Engei".


International Undergraduate, Graduate students, researchers and Japanese students, separated into several groups and discussed about their real feelings regarding life in Japan, Matsudo and Chiba University.  Their opinions were put together on a big sheet and presented in front of everyone.


International students talked about good and bad parts of Matsudo Campus and their feelings towards Japanese students. This was a rare opportunity to hear real opinions and feelings of international students. They had heated discussions and went into overtime.


Even though they all study at the same campus, some met for the first time. Students were tense in the beginning but through discussions and presentations, they got to know each other and were able to spend an enjoyable time.  Several Japanese students had participated as well and they were able to have a great exchange of culture.





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