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Subject to terms and conditions as provided below, the Graduate school of Horticulture, Chiba University accepts international students whom the Chinese government sponsors through the Chinese Government Graduate Student Overseas Study Program operated by the China Scholarship Council (CGOP).


Before applying, please contact a desired supervisor in the education and research field that you wish to choose, and inquire about the content of the related education and research so as to confirm your choice, and gain the preliminary acceptance for applying.

1.        Programs and divisions offered

Special research students


2.       Eligibility

        Students from Tsinghua University, China Agricultural University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Beijing Forestry University or Nanjing Agricultural University are eligible.


3.     Application period

        January 8 (Tue.) 2013 - January 9 (Wed.), 2013


4.    Method of application

       Application documents should be sent to the admission office of the Graduate school using
       a postal  (ex. EMS) or other delivery means that provides tracking service.


5.    Selection Interviews

       February 7 (Thu.), 2013.
6.    The result of the selection
       It will be notified to the applicant by post in early March 2013.
       However, the admission will be cancelled if the applicant is not granted a CGOP scholarship.


    Admission semester   October 2013



Application Guidelines.doc                                  Attachment.doc 






To Master's Program and Doctoral Program students (enrollment in October) (学務係から研究経過報告書提出のお願い)

Please submit your "Research Progress Report" to the Academic Affairs
Please make two copies of this sheet. Submit one copy to your main advisor and keep the other for your self.


●Research Progress Report
Research Progress Report>>> 

Research progress report (研究経過報告書)英文.doc  (English)

研究経過報告書.doc  (Japanese)

Object: The first grader and the second grader(enrollment in October 2010 or October 2011)
Deadline: September 28

Each document requires your main academic advisor's seal.
This content is confirmed at the school affairs committee.

10月入学の大学院園芸学研究科 博士前期課程の1年生及び博士後期課程の1年生、2年生の学生は、研究経過報告書(Wordファイル、A4サイズ)を作成し、9月28日(金)までに学務係にご提出ください。



対象学生:10月入学の大学院園芸学研究科 博士後期課程、博士前期課程


提 出 先:園芸学部学務係(レターボックス)

締   切:9月28日(金)
千葉大学 園芸学部学務係(大学院担当)
 Tel 047-308-8712,8714(内線8713
 Fax 047-308-8720

Master's students application requirements 2012 and 2013

>>> Master's Program Student Application Requirements (2012-2013).pdf

Doctoral students application requirements 2012 and 2013

>>> Doctoral Program Student Application Requirements (2012-2013).pdf

The Graduate School of Horticulture (Master's Program) plans to abolish the written foreign language examination and to use a TOEIC official Score Certificate or a TOEFL Examinee's Score Record submitted at application to evaluate applicants' English Proficiency from the admission for October 2012 and April 2013 enrolment.

for more information, please see>>> Changes in Foreign Language Examination in the Admission for 2012, 2013 Graduate School of Horticu.pdf  


To Master's Program and Doctoral Program students (enrollment in April)


Please submit your "Research Progress Report" or "Study Plan" to the

Academic Affairs Group, Graduate School of Horticulture.


Research Progress Report

Research Progress Report>>> 

                                       Research progress report (研究経過報告書).doc


Object: The second grader and the third grader

Deadline: March 30

Please submit it as soon as possible when not having submitted it yet.


Study Plan

Study plan M >>> Study plan M(履修計画票).doc

Study plan D>>>  Study plan D(履修計画票).doc

Object: The first grader

Deadline: April 27


Each document requires your main academic advisor's seal.

This content is confirmed at the school affairs committee.


Academic Affairs Group

Graduate School of Horticulture, Chiba University

   Tel 047-308-8712,8714(ext. 8713

 Fax 047-308-8720

 E-Mail engei-daigakuin@office.chiba-u.jp






対 象:博士前期課程、博士後期課程の新2年生以上






対 象:博士前期課程、博士後期課程の新1年生

締 切:4月27日(金)




千葉大学 園芸学部学務係(大学院担当)

 Tel 047-308-8712,8714(内線8713

 Fax 047-308-8720

 E-Mail engei-daigakuin@office.chiba-u.jp

Entries to Matsudo campus will be restricted during the following periods due to entrance examinations. Obtain a written permission by your faculty/graduate school/center beforehand if you need to enter campus for your research activities on those days.

・from 18:00 January  13 (Fri) to 17:00 January  15(Sun)
・from 18:00 February 24 (Fri) to 19:00 February 25(Sat)
・from 18:00 March     9 (Sun) to 19:00 March    12(Mon)



・2012年1月13日(金)18時 ~ 1月15日(日)17時
・2012年2月24日(金)18時 ~ 2月25日(土)19時
・2012年3月 9日(金)18時 ~ 3月12日(月)19時

Chiba University, Faculty of Horticulture,

Student Affairs

千葉大学 園芸学部 学生生活担当

TEL 047−308−8715
FAX 047−308−8720

Graduate School of Horticulture

Division of Environmental Horticulture (Docoral Program)

Student Application Requirements 2012

>>>> Doctoral_Program_2012_Student_Application_Requirements.pdf





平成24年度 第2回学生募集要項・進学者選考要項

For more information, please see>>> 2011Scholarship registration.pdf

詳しくは>>> 2011奨学金登録.pdf

For more information please See>>>   2011Scholarship Guidance Eng.pdf

詳しくは>>> 2011私費奨学金説明会お知らせ.pdf



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Expert Program
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of Horticulture

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