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International Program

Doctoral Program for International students

Special Ph.D Program for International Students
Graduate School of Horticulture
Chiba University, Japan

This program offers international students, including those from pertner universities, a broad-based educational program in English that provides essential technical, management, and leadership skills, based on the in-depth knowledge on gfood and environment.h We offer education and research from a wide perspective in a interdisciplinary manner. The areas range from the production, use and distribution of food resources, the prevention and creation of living environments where people and nature live together, peoplefs health and welfare to earth environmental sciences. We are inviting students who are interested in an international, interuniversity, and interdisciplinary course.

Guidelines for Application
International Program

The Graduate School of Horticulture, which offers courses on Bioresource Science, Environmental Science and Landscape Architecture, and Food and Resource Economics, recruits students for this special program. Foreign students with Masterfs degree from all over the world as well as in Japan can apply for the program.

Course Requirements

Following are the requirements for the Special Ph.D. Program for International Students: A student is normally required to spend a maximum of three years in residence. (For those who have achieved exceptionally good results, the time required to complete the masterfs course may be counted toward such requirement for the completion of the doctoral course.)

The student is also required to attend both the general and special seminars on particular subjects for more than 30 hours each (more than 60 hours in total). The student is then required to pass the review and final examinations of thesis(or research results).

Course description for the academic year
Colloquium 6 credits Special Seminar  
Special Research  
  Select one subject
Multi-campus International Lecture II e-Team learning with staffs of sister institutions
Special Lecture in the International Course Special topics of Environmental Horticulture
Special Subject Optional 2credits Internship at International/ Sister Institutions  
General Subject Optional 4credits    
Total 14credits    

Some credits are on par with those given to subjects in partner universities. For detailed information, please contact the professor in charge of this program, Associate Prof.Ryosuke Shimoda

Master's Program for International students

Environmental Horticulture Expert Program (Masterfs Program for International Students)

The Environmental Horticulture Expert Program is a program conducted in English that was launched in October 2009 with the aim of fostering experts and building education and research networks in the fields of protected horticulture and landscape architecture. The program is devided into two sub programs, gProtected Horticultureh and gLandscape Architecture.h

It targets international students enrolling on Masterfs Program in October, as well as short-term exchange students from partner universities..

Students wishing to participate in this program should consult the faculty in charge (Associate Prof.Ryosuke Shimoda: r.shimoda@chiba-u.jp).

Double Degree Program

The Graduate School of Horticulture launched a Double Degree Program for students with Tsuinghua University School of Architecture (China) and the Graduate School of Bogor Agricultural University (Indnesia) for Masterfs Program in the Landscape Architecture Program, and Mahidol University Faculty of Science (Thailand) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Agriculture and Biology (China), for Doctoral Programs in the Horticultural Plant Production and Breeding Program. This program, based on the agreement of partner universities overseas, enables students to earn degrees from both Chiba University and the partner university. Chiba University students participating in this program are required to spend a period of one or more years at the partner university, and to earn sufficient credits to fulfill
Students wishing to participate in this program should contact the faculty in charge (Associate Prof.@Ryosuke Shimoda: r.shimoda@chiba-u.jp) in April (October for October enrollment).