Department of Horticultural Economics
Division of Horticultural Business Management and Information Science
Lab. of Horticultural Information Science

Professor               :  Yasuo Ohe, D. Agr.
Associate Professor :  Shinichi Kurihara, D. Agr.

@Our Laboratory launched since 1980 in the Department of Horticultural Economics. We aim at teaching theory and methodology of information science applying for problems concerning production, management, distribution, consumption, policy issues and environmental conservation of horticulture and its related industries. We offer courses information science I and U, rural economics, economics of information and risk, and exercise for information processing and introductory seminar for horticultural economics.
To manage horticulture and related industries efficiently, it is crucial for every organization such as farm management, farming related firms, cooperatives, governments to utilize objective and accurate information for their decision-making. To this end, necessary information have to be gathered and processed properly. We have been doing research on empirical and quantitative analysis to answer these practical needs. 

Main topics of our research are;
1.Diagnosis of farm management by using information processing methods
2.Econometric evaluation of cropping behavior 
3.Quantitative evaluation of farm supporting activity
4.Quantitative analysis of farm evolution and land use
5.Econometric evaluation of land improvement projects
6.Econometric analysis of Chinese and Japanese rice production and their local characteristics
7.Empirical evaluation of sustainability of vegetable producing areas
8.Optimal resource allocation for rural planning
9.Econometric analysis of food demand
10.Econometric modeling of food consumption away from home and food industries
11.Empirical analysis of farm and rural tourism and rural diversification 
12.Input-output analysis and econometric modeling of timber related industries

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