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Achievements of our staffs
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Prof. Inubushi

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Lecturer Dr.Yashima (Matsushima)

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Doctoral Theses

name title
Ankit Singla(2014) Organic matter utilization and environmental impacts after biofuel production
Olivyn Angeles(2014) Coping with water scarcity: implications on productivity of tropical rice systems and the environment
YuHua KONG(2013) Effects of land-use type, nitrogen deposition and climate on dynamics of greenhouse gas fluxes and soil carbonm nitrogen cycles
Hazel Tababa Guevarra
Potential of Algae for environmental, agricultural and pharmaceutical applications
Alam Syed Sartaj(2011) Biocontrol of Fusarium wilt diseases by root colonizing fungus, Penicillium sp. EU0013
Crisanta Sunio Bueno(2010) Impacts of soil and water management, and of genotype characteristic on crop productivity and sustainability in irrigated rice
Imre Vano(2010) Screening of soil amendments, root endophytes and mitigation of nitrogen losses to improve the upland soil adaptability of rabbiteye blueberry (Vaccinum ashei Read.)
Oslan Jumadi(2009) Impact of land management practices on greenhouse gases emissions and microbial communities structure
Silvio Yoshiharu Ushiwata(2008) Influneces of application of steam-treated plant residue and different land-use patterns on soil microbial properties
Suphachai Amkha(2008) Effects of controlled-release nitrogen fertilizer with manure on leafy vegetable growth, drainage water quality, nitrous oxide and soil microbial properties
Miwa Matsushima(2007) Understory competition effects on soil N cycling and tree growth in a plantation using vector analysis and carbon and nitrogen stable isotope techniques
Agnes Tirol Padre(2006) Managing C and N for sustaining soil quality and productivity of rice in rice-rice and rice-wheat systems
Ernest Castillo(2005) Nutrient-use efficiency of rainfed lowland rice as affected by salinity and water stresses
Solomon Acquaye(2002) Effects of N fertilization, soil type and elevated carbon
Md.Mozammel Hoque(2002) Biochemical dynamics of carbon and nitrogen in paddy field soil as influenced by free-air CO2 enrichment (FACE)
Abdul Hadi(2001) Effect of land-use management on greenhouse gas emissions from peat soil
Weiguo Cheng(2000) Studies on garbon and nitrogen dynamics in submerged rice soil as influenced by elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration
Md.Monowar Karim Khan(1995) Studies on the symbotic nitrogen fixation in peanut using 15N technique

Mastral Theses

name title
Oslan Jumadi(2006) Greenhouse gases and responsible microorganisms in temperate and tropical upland soils
Silvio Yoshiharu Ushiwata(2006) Influence of steam-treated plant residues on plant growth, soil properties and drainage water quality
Michael Miyittah-Kprogbe (2002) Decomposition and transformation of Okara compost and microbial biomass in relation to cow, poultry manure and sewage sludge composts
Solomon Acquaye(2000) Effects of slow release fertilizer and organic amendments on the dynamics of soil microbial biomass, growth and N uptake of rice plants in paddy soil
Abdul Hadi (1999) Decomposition of organic matter and dynamics of CH4 and N2O in peat soil