Major Achievements of Prof. Inubushi in 2009 本文へジャンプ

1- Peer-reviewed Articles

  1. Xu X K, Inubushi K. (Feb. 2009) Ethylene oxidation, atmospheric methane consumption, and ammonium oxidation in temperate volcanic forest soils. Biology and Fertility of Soils 45(3):265-271.
  2. Muramatsu , Y., and Inubushi, K.,(March 2009) Estimation of seasonal changes in Methane Oxidation in Paddy Soil, HortResearch 63, 27-33 (in Japanese, with English summery)
  3. Yasuhiko Muramatsu and Kazuyuki Inubushi (Mar. 2009): Financial viability and its analysis of CDM projects for mitigation of methane emissions from paddy fields in Indonesia: A cost-benefit simulation study, HortResearch 63: 35-43.
  4. Shinichi Ogiyama, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Kazuyuki Inubushi, Hiroshi Takeda, and Shigeo Uchida, (June 2009) : Root-uptake of 14C derived from acetic acid by root vegetables, Radioprotection 44(5), 365-369.
  5. Yasuyuki Fukumoto and Kazuyuki Inubushi (June 2009): Effect of nitrite accumulation on nitrous oxide emission and total nitrogen loss during swine manure composting, Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 55: 428–434.
  6. Xu X and Inubushi K (Aug. 2009): Responses of ethylene and methane consumption to temperature and soil pH in temperate volcanic forest soils, European Journal of Soil Science 60: 489–498.
  7. Silvio Ushiwata, Yoshimiki Amemiya, Kazuyuki Inubushi (Aug. 2009): Inhibition of in vitro growth of Rhizoctonia solani by liquid residue derived from steam-treated grass clippings, Journal of General Plant Pathology 75: 312-315.
  8. Matsushima M, Woo-Jung Choi, Inubushi K (Nov. 2009): Nitrification inhibitor reduces nitrous oxide production from different soil profiles of an Andosol Soil, Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 40(19-20): 3181-3193
  9. Xu X, Inubushi K (Nov.2009) Soil acidification stimulates the emission of ethylene from temperate forest soils. Advances in Atmospheric Sciences 26(6): 1253-1261
  10. Amkha S, Sakamoto A, Tachibana M, Inubushi K (Dec.2009) Controlled mineralizing acetaldehyde condensation urea (CM-CDU) fertilizer can reduce nitrate leaching and N2O emission from an Andisol with continuous cropped komatsuna (Brassica napa L.), Soil Sci. Plant Nutr 55(6): 772-777


  • Kazuyuki Yagi et al., Development and evaluation of new management options for improving GHG sink/ source control in agricultural and forest ecosystems, (3a) Development and evaluation of mitigation for CH4 and N2O emissions from agroecosystems (Abstract of the Final Report), Summary Report of Research Results under the GERF (Global Environment Research Fund) in FY 2007: 73-88.

3-Oral Presentations

  1. Oslan Jumadi, Iswandi Anas, Yusminah Hala, Alimuddin Ali, Abd Muis, Kazuyuki Yagi and Kazuyuki Inubushi (May 2009): Contribution of Nitrification and Denitrification to Nitrous Oxide and Nitric Oxide Productions in Tropical Upland Acid Soils of Indonesia, Plant-Soil Interactions at Low pH: A Nutriomic Approach, Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Plant-Soil Interactions at Low pH, May 17-21, Guanzhou, China, 29-30.
  2. Chol Gyu Lee, Shizuo Suzuki, and Kazuyuki Inubushi (May 2009): Effects of Rising Temperature and Vegetation on CH4 and CO2 Productions and Methanogenic Communities in a Cool- Temperate Marsh Soil, MSK's 50th Anniversary International Symposium on Microbiology 2009, May 28-30, Jeju Island, Korea, p.218.
  3. Kazuyuki Inubushi, Yunsheng Lou, Takayuki Mizuno, Toshihiro Hasegawa, Yanbung Lin, Hidemitsu Sakai, Weiguo Cheng and Kazuhiko Kobayashi (June 2009): CH4 emission and microbial biomass with differences in atmospheric CO2 enrichment and rice cultivars in a Japanese paddy soil, Soil Organic Matters, 23-25 June, Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, UK, p.50.
  4. Amka S, Inubushi K, (Aug. 2009) : Effects of controlled- release fertilizer application with cow manure on yield (Brassica napa L), drainage water quality and N2O emission, International Plant Nutrition Colloquium, 26-30 Aug, University of California, Davis) paper 1205
  5. Kazuyuki Inubushi (Sep. 2009):Effects of fertilizers on growth of tree nursery and greenhouse gas emissions from degraded sandy field in Japan, Conference on the Environmental Impacts of Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles in Terrestrial Ecosystems in East Asia, September 7-11, 2009, Nanjing, China, Programs and Abstracts: 31
  6. Kazuyuki Inubushi (Sep. 2009): Microbial biomass in a Japanese paddy soil with differences in atmospheric carbon dioxide enrichment and rice cultivars, XIX International Symposium on Environmental Biogeochemistry, Environmental Changes and Sustainability of Biogeochemical Cycling, September 14-18, 2009, University of Hamburg :38
  7. Kazuyuki Inubushi (Oct. 2009): How to mediate VOC's contaminated Soil by microorganisms, Academic Symposium Celebrates 400th Anniversary of Japan-Mexico Relations- Seeking the way of living in harmony with the nature-, October 2-3, 2009: 11
  8. Inubushi K, Cheng W. et. al., (Oct. 2009) Microbial biomass and activities in a Japanese paddy soil with differences in atmospheric CO2 enrichment, soil /water warming and rice cultivars, MARCO Symposium 2009, Challenges for Agro-Environmental Research in Monsoon Asia, October 5-7, 2009, Tsukuba (p.87 in Proceedings)
  9. Lee C.G., Suzuki S and Inubushi K(Oct. 2009) Effects of rising soil temperature and vegetation types on CH4 productions, methanogenic archaeal communities and soil acetic acid concentration in a cool-temperature marsh soil, The 9th International Conference of the East and Southeast Asia Federation of Soil Science Societies, ESAFS, Soils as a Convergent Technology in Tandem with Human and Ecosystem Health, October 27-30, Seoul, Korea
  10. Matsushima M, Nakamura H, Okawara Y, Okada M, Sameshima R, Hasegawa T and Inubushi K (Oct. 2009):In Situ Soil N Mineralization and Immobilization as Affected by Elevated Water Temperature in a Paddy Field, ESAFS, Seoul, Korea
  11. Kazuyuki Inubushi(Nov. 2009): Greenhouse gas exchanges in agriculture and forest, Abstract of 2009 Yangling International Agri-science Forum(Nov.1-3, 2009) Yangling(楊凌)、China:p.40

4. Doctor Thesis under the mentorship

  • Oslan Jumadi (Feb. 2009): Impact of land management practices on greenhouse gases emissions and microbial communities structure (Graduate School of Science and Technology, Chiba University)