Laboratory of Soil Science本文へジャンプ


Professor Kazuyuki INUBUSHI
Visiting Professor Seiichi NOHARA
(National Institute for Environmental Studies)
Miwa YASHIMA (Matsushima)
PhD Researcher Hirohiko NAGANO
PhD Researcher Satoshi TOGASHI
Secretary Yuka Komurasaki

Members (as of 2016.October)

Category Number of members Themes
Doctor Course 1 student Indirect emission of greenhouse gases in oil palm plantation in Indonesia and Malaysia
Master Course 7 students Effect of fertilizer on rice growth and N2O/ CH4 emission
Effect of elevated CO2 on N mineralization in paddy soil
Effect of biochar on vegetable growth and microbial activity
Cyanobacterial inoculation on degradedarid soil
Effect of elevated CO2 on microbial biomass N in paddy soil
Effect of fertilizers on CH4 emission
Effects of organic and inorganic nitrogen sources on seed protein and quality or rice (Oryza sativa L.), variety Manawthukha under different water regimes
Undergraduate 4th grade 5 students Effect of elevated CO2 on biological N2 fixation in paddy soil
Effect of fertilizer on quality of rice
Cyanobacterial inoculation affect soil properties
Nitrogen fertilizer and N2O emission from soil
Effect of fertilizer on growth of rice
3rd grade 3 student Effect of cover on rural agroecosystem