Major Achievements of Associate Prof. Sakamoto in 2008 {փWv

1-Academic Papares

  1. Niwa, S., Kaneko, N., Okada, H., and Sakamoto, K. (2008): Effects of fine scale simulation of deer browsing on soil micro-foodweb structure and N mineralization rate in a temperate forest, Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 40, 699-708.

  2. Shishido, M., Sakamoto, K., Yokoyama, H., Monma, N., and Miyashita, S. (2008): Changes in microbial communities in an apple orchard and its adjacent bush soil in response to season, land-use, and violet root rot infestation, Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 40, 1460-1473.

  3. Oslan, J., Hara, Y., Anas, I., Ali, A., Sakamoto, K., Saigusa, M., Yagi, K., and Inubushi, K. (2008): Community structure of ammonia oxidizing bacteria and their potential to produce nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide in acid tea soils, Geomicrobiology Journal, 25, 381-389.

2-Oral Presentations

  1. Vano, I., Sakamoto, K., Inubushi, K.: Selection of root-associated fungal endophytes from Ericaceae plants to enhance blueberry seedling growthCAbstract of presentations at the Anual Meeting of Japanese Soiety{y엿wuv|WC54Cp.57D

  2. Alam, S. S., Sakamoto, K., Amemiya, Y., Inubushi, K. (2008): Plant growth promoting fungus Penicillium sp. EU0013 to control Fusarium wilt diseases. Abstracts of 7th International Symposium for Subsurface Microbiology, p. 196 (Shizuoka)D