Niwaroju  庭路樹


Over the fences, the tree branches grow. In spring, cherry and plum blossoms turn the streets into scenic landscapes. Green leaves of large trees cast shadow on the summer sidewalk. In autumn, ginkgo and maples create colorful pictures like a gallery corridor. In the dry winter season, persimmon, oranges, and other fruits form mellifluous scenery.

“Niwa-roju” is an idea that conceptualizes the use of private gardens to complement public streets in place of planting street trees in a public right of way. The word was created with my students through the community design studio work in the Kogane District of Matsudo City where we have been working for several years . “Niwa-roju” is a wordplay on the concept of gai-roju (trees lining a street). In contrast to the word gai-roju, “niwa-roju” means using the trees (“Ju”) in private gardens (“Niwa”) along the street (“Ro”).


Niwa Roju 庭路樹 

Private Garden’s Contribution as Roadside Trees  

The carport renovation to the pocket park with students.

Private land opened to public.

Students investigation of private gardens of the residents in Kogane by interview and observation.