Environmental Science and Landscape Architecture Course
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Arata Momohara Prof. Ph.D.




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Prof. Momohara graduated from the Osaka City University and has been a teaching stuff in the Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University since 1994 after a career as curator in the Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba. The study covers environmental archaeology, palaeobotany, palaeoecology, and conservation ecology. Quaternary vegetation and floral history in Japan and East Asia accompanied with glacial and interglacial climatic cycles and anthropogenic influences is the main subject of the research based on plant macrofossils analysis including fruits and seeds. The study of regeneration of endangered aquatic plants from the dormant seeds in lake sediments is contributing to the nature conservation in Japan.
Councilor of Japan Association of Quaternary Research, Member of International Organization of Palaeobotany.

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