Environmental Science and Landscape Architecture Course
Landscape Architecture

Isami Kinoshita  Prof. Ph.D.




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Isami Kinoshita was born in Shizuoka Prefecture. He studied Architecture at Tokyo Institute of Technology(TIT). While he studied at graduate course at TIT, he went to study spatial planning for one year at ETH(Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) . In 1984, he finished doctor course and got a degree of Doctor of Engineer at TIT, from the thesis about a study on Children’s Playing Space in Residential Area. While he was at the graduate course, he initiated an action research group about children and town which was called “Kodomo No Asobi to Machi Kenkyukai” which produced ‘Three Generation’s Play Map’ and ‘Illustrated Book about Three Generations’ Play Space’ and contributed the innovation of citizen and children’s participatory process for the neighborhood improvement at Taishido district. From 1986, he had been a researcher at the Rural Life Research Institute. In 1992, he moved to Chiba University. His special field is city planning, citizen participation, and recently developed his field to landscape management. He is also the coordinator of UNESCO Growing Up In Cities Japan and editorial board member of CYE (Children Youth Environment) .

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