Environmental Science and Landscape Architecture Course
Landscape Architecture

Katsunori Furuya Assoc.Prof. Ph.D.




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Born in the Ibaraki Prefecture. Associate Professor Katsunori Furuya has a PhD from Chiba University. Since 1991, Dr. Furuya has been a scholar at the Faculty of Horticulture and the Graduate School of Science and Technology at Chiba University. He has also specialized in the fields of Nature Conservation Studies, Landscape Planning and Technology, and Landscape Architecture. His theories involve the appropriate usage of nature for conservation efforts; and the subjects of his study range from natural parks to neighborhood green spaces. The results of his surveys and case studies reveal the relationships between humans and the natural environment, as well as users' attitudes in nature. These studies provide a sustainable tourism model that is closely connected with local societies. Dr. Furuya received the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture Award and Best Teacher Award of Chiba University.


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