Environmental Science and Landscape Architecture Course
Landscape Architecture

Toru Mitani Assoc. Prof. Ph.D.




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Toru Mitani, Associate Professor, is a landscape architect, who designs various open spaces both in urban and natural area. Educated in Master of Landscape Architecture at Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, and given Ph.D in Architecture at Tokyo University. Several design awards were offered for his design, 1998 Design Award of Japan Institute of Landscape Architecture, 2003 Good Design Award, and etc.. ‘Kaze-no-Oka,’that is eight acre park for a crematorium in 1997, ‘Shinagawa Central Garden,’that is four-hundred yard long pedestrian mall in 2003, ‘Honda Wakoh,’ that is the landscape for office park are well known works.
 In addition to design practice, he studies on the environmental art, garden design and history, and the modern method in landscape design. ‘Fukei-wo Yomu Tabi (A Pilgrimage in 20th Century American Landscape),’ ‘Modern Landscape Architecture(translation),’ ‘Earthwork-no Chihei(Earthwork and Beyond, translation),’have been published in Japan.