Environmental Science and Landscape Architecture Course
Landscape Science

Terumasa Takahashi Assoc. Prof. Ph.D.




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Dr.Takahashi was came from Niigata city in 1968 and got a doctoral degree from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in 1996 and was employed Chiba University. He makes special study of ecological ecology, revegetation technology and landscape architecture and is investigating improvement planting ground and the characteristics of nutrition dynamics in various green space ecosystems. His present themes are (1) making nutrition dynamics system using spreading of plant waste from pruning on urban planting area, (2) investigation of effects of urbanization on nutrition dynamics of forest ecosystems, (3) evaluation of carbon accumulation on soil of urban parks. He loves field works. His study fields are very variously, forest on mountainous region, Satoyama, urban park and tideland. He is careful to think that his works were become useful for the real world.

Principal Papers