Environmental Science and Landscape Architecture Course
Nature Therapy, Health Sciences

Yoshifumi Miyazaki Prof. Ph.D.

Center Room 5



 Born in Kobe in 1954. Graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and completed a master's course there. Research associate at the Faculty of Medicine, Tokyo Medical and Dental University in 1979. Joined the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, in 1998. Professor at the Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences, Chiba University, since April 2007. Doctor of Medicine from Tokyo Medical and Dental University in 1985.
Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Minister Award 2000 for clarifying the well-being-promoting effects of wood and shinrin-yoku. Award from the Japan Society of Physiological Anthropology in 2007.
My current research themes are to 1) accumulate physiological data on the well-being-promoting effects of nature, 2) clarify individual differences, and 3) establish a scientific approach to “Kansei”.


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