Bioresource Science Course
Plant Culture and Breeding

Akihiro Isoda Prof. Ph.D.




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He was born in Otsu city, Shiga, Japan. He graduated from Hokkaido University, and got his Dr. degree of Agronomy with the thesis titled “Potential of related species for tuber yield increase in potato plant”. In 1986, he had a job in Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University. His specialty is Crop Science. His main concern is increasing crop production, especially in arid areas. From 1990, he started the researches for analyzing mechanism of drought tolerance and improvement of crop production including soybean, peanut, cotton etc. in Xinjiang, China. Recently, over 8 t/ha of seed yield in soybean was obtained in Xinjiang, showing great possibilities to improve yield capacity of leguminous crops.

Major reports