Bioresource Science Course
Environmental Science for Bioproduction

Masahiro Shishido Professor Ph.D.




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Born in Fukushima 1960. After receiving B.Sc. from Chiba Univ., worked in the Maldives as member of a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer. Completed M. Sc. program at Univ. of Arizona, and worked as an expert of Japan International Cooperation Agency in the Philippines for two years. Involved in a forest plantation improvement project by Univ. of British Columbia, where received Ph. D. Since arrived at Chiba Univ., 1998, my study centers in soilborne plant pathogens and related diseases. Major academic fields are plant pathology, ecology of soilborne pathogens, and soil microbiology. My research interests are to understand relationships between soilborne pathogens and plants in soil, thereby elucidating factors involved in disease progress and epidemics. The overall goals are to establish theories and measures of the adaptive control of soilborne pathogens.

Selected Publications in the last 5 years: