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計画の制度、それによって形成される空間、人々の生活、生活が生み出す空間 その両者の間の葛藤やズレを見ることからどうあったらよいかビジョンを描く、そんな計画学の考え方や方法論を学びます。


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Laboratory of Spatial Planning (Town & Country Planning)

                                                                                                                 Professor  Isami KINOSHTA, PhD

Laboratory of Spatial Planning has been studying about the relationship of space and human life for the betterment of human living environment. The area focusing on the spatial planning is from the neighborhood level to municipal or regional level. The topics of research are very different covering not only physical things but also social matters. Citizen participation and community design, children’s environment and their participation have been in the central theme. Recently also sustainable development has been set as a focusing theme. As a result, public open space such as plazas, parks, streets have been discussed to be improved for raising the quality of outdoor life of the people in urban and rural environment.

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