Using light-dependent control (LDC) for quantitative nutrient management (QNM)

Nutrient film technique system

Capillary hydroponic system

Hanging bed system in high density-low truss tomato production system

Effect of seed cleaning and treatment on production and development of seedling

Double-stem training generated from cotyledonous nodes for tomato production

Establishment of fertigation system using modeling technique

Reaping and re-growth system (RRS) in leafy vegetables

Development of vegetable production and purification system using euthrophic Tega-lake water

Organic substrates of tropical origin for vegetable transplant production

Effect of additive iodine ion on growth of vegetables

Development of sterilization technique for nutrient solution with iodine

Roof vegetable garden using hydroponic system

Establishment of transplanting method of okra

Low-nitrate content spinach production by fertigation management

Evaluation of a solar dependent nutrient supply system in a modified NFT for lettuce production

Other Research (Japanese)