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Akimasa Nakano

Akimasa Nakano Prof. Ph.D.

IMG_3139(3).jpgAkimasa Nakano

Name Akimasa Nakano
Position Prof.
Degree Ph.D.
Office E-5F 502
E-mail anakano@

Prof. Nakano was born in Yamaguchi Pref., Japan. He graduated from Kyusyu University in 1990, got a master's degree from Kyoto University in 1992. He started research work at National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) in 1995. He obtained his Ph.D. in Agriculture in 2001 from Nagoya University. The title of his Ph.D. thesis is "Development of stress mitigation techniques on protected cultivation of vegetable production". He received awards, Young Investigator Award (2002) , Excellent Achievement in Root Research (2014), Excellent Paper Prize (2019) from Japanese society for root research. He worked as a JICA expert in Philippines (2005) and China(2010). He worked at Ministry Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (MAFF)as an executive for managing "smart agriculture" and "smart breeding" project as a program officer from 2017 to 2020. He was also awarded prizes from MAFF three times in a row (2018, 2019, 2020).

Research theme:

  1. Development of innovative horticulture production system for practical use
  2. Development of new sustainable production system on horticultural crops
  3. Development of new quality evaluation system by stable isotope in Plant Factory
  4. Establishment of "Hortrhizology" (Root research focused on horticultural crops)

Please visit the researchmap website to see his achievements.