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Graduate School of Horticulture

Division of Plant Sciences

We aim to establish a system for the production of useful plants combining conventional methods of breeding and biotechnological techniques such as gene recombination and genome editing technology, which can assist in designing plants with high functionality, producing useful substances, and exploring any novel functions and unused or lessused components. We will also build an efficient breeding system that enables a precise, comprehensive evaluation of plant functions using plant factories.

(Key Words)
cooperation between medicine and agriculture, substance production, genome, biotechnology, breeding, breed improvement, cell engineering, genetic engineering, phenotypic transformation, highly functional plants, biopharmaceuticals, functional molecules, genome editing, big data, epigenetics

Prof. Hidenori Sassa sassa@
B-2F 222 researchmap
Prof. Eiji Goto goto@
B-2F 217 researchmap
Prof. Mitsumasa Hanaoka mhanaoka@
Nishi-Chiba Campus Interdisciplinary Research Bldg. 3F 308 more researchmap
Prof. Hideyuki Takahashi hideyukitakahashi@
C-4F 401 more researchmap
Assoc.Prof. Shinji Kikuchi skikuchi@
B-2F 202 researchmap
Assoc.Prof. Tomoko Igawa tigawa@
B-2F 206 researchmap
Assoc.Prof. Hirofumi Dohi hdohi@
Nishi-Chiba Campus Science & Technology Bldg.2 9F 907 more researchmap
Assoc.Prof. Takashi Shimada tlshimada@
Nishi-Chiba Campus Interdisciplinary Research Bldg. 3F 318 researchmap
Lecturer Akiko Soma soma@
C-1F 101 researchmap
Lecturer Taira Miyahara miyahara@
Nishi-Chiba Campus Science & Technology Bldg.2 9F more researchmap
Assit.Prof. Hideo Yoshida yoshida.hideo@
B-2F 219 researchmap
Lectirer Ayumi Deguchi deguchia@
C-2F 202 more researchmap
Assit.Prof. Kazuaki Takahashi k.takahashi@
Nishi-Chiba Campus Science & Technology Bldg.2 9F 905 more researchmap
Assit.Prof. Haruka Kondo kondoh@
C-4F 403 researchmap

Division of Environmental Science

This division focuses upon the interactions among plants, the organisms around them, and the related physiochemical factors. Further, these factors and the space where they exist are recognized, studied, and analyzed in conjunction with people's lives to build sustainable society.

(Key Words)
phytobiome,biological interactions,natural resources, ecosystem, soil, plant nutrition, insects, microbes, vegetation, plant diseases, biodiversity, evolution, material cycle, carbon sequestration, landscape management, environmental conservation, environmental analysis, multi-stakeholder partnership, sustainable society

Prof. Masahiro Shishido shishido@
B-2F 211 more researchmap
Prof. Masashi Nomura nomuram@
B-2F 209 more researchmap
Prof. Kazunori Sakamoto ksakamoto@
B-1F 101 more researchmap
Prof. Seigo Amachi amachi@
B-2F 231 more researchmap
Prof. Katsunori Furuya k.furuya@
B-3F 301 more researchmap
Prof. Arata Momohara arata@
D-3F 307 more researchmap
Prof. Shigeto Yanai yanai@
D-2F 202 more researchmap
Assoc.Prof. Hisashi Kokubun hkokubun@
B-2F 234 more researchmap
Assoc.Prof. Toshiyuki Usami usami@
B-2F 212 more researchmap
Assoc.Prof. Yasuyuki Choh choh@
B-2F 208 more researchmap
Prof. Terumasa Takahashi teru@
D-4F 402 more researchmap
Assoc.Prof. Miwa Yashima(Matsushima) matsushima@
B-1F 127 researchmap
Assit.Prof. Yoshimitu Omi y-omi@
E-5F 508 researchmap
Assit.Prof. Yoichi Watanabe yoichiw@
D-3F 306 more researchmap

Division of Food and Health Science

This division focuses on elucidating how foods, plants, and farming contribute to human health, and we aim to create new societal values for disease prevention, health promotion, and improving people's quality of life. Our varied research includes the health functionality of foods and plants, evaluation of green health function, technological developments for their advanced utilization, analysis of eating behavior models, and integration of academic pursuits with local health activities.

(Key Words)
functional foods, functional vegetables, technology for retaining functional ingredients, nutritional physiology, phytochemicals, consumer behavior, dietary education, social farming, rural landscape, economic evaluation, horticultural therapy, preventive medicine, food nutrition, quality improvement, physiologically active molecules, healthy lifestyle design

Prof. Yukari Egashira egashira@
C-1F 103 more researchmap
Prof. Yukisato Yoshida yukisato@
B-3F 318 more researchmap
Prof. Seiichi Sakurai sakurai@
C-4F 408 more researchmap
Prof. Atsushi Maruyama a.maruyama@
C-4F 404 more researchmap
Prof. Yukihiko Saito ysait8971arch@
B-3F 306 more researchmap
Prof. Yukiharu Ogawa ogwy@
C-3F 310 more researchmap
Prof. Yutaka Iwasaki iway@
E-5F 503 more researchmap
Assoc.Prof. Masafumi Johkan johkan@
C-2F 205 more researchmap
Assoc.Prof. Shizuka Hirai shizuka@
C-1F 109 more researchmap
Lecturer Katsuya Ohkawa ohkawak@
C-2F 208 researchmap

Division of Advanced Horticultual Engineering

We will utilize data mining, advanced cultivation technologies, and etc. to efficiently manage information from genes to individuals and communities and will conduct researches that promote the development of a smart society through a broad and deep understanding of plants and their growing environments.

(Key Words)
Cooperation between engineering and horticulture, close range measurement, remote sensing, omics, artificial Intelligence, data mining, automation, advanced cultivation technology, plant factory, robotics, smart farming, organic farming

Prof. Nobuhiro Matsuoka matsuoka@
C-3F 306 researchmap
Prof. Takeo Shiina shiina@
C-3F 311 more researchmap
Prof. Hiroaki Kodama kodama@
Nishi-Chiba Campus Science & Technology Bldg.2 9F 904 more researchmap
Prof. Kiyoshi Umeki umeki@
D-5F 502 more researchmap
Prof. Akimasa Nakano anakano@
E-5F 502 more researchmap
Assoc.Prof. Shoko Hikosaka s-hikosaka@
B-2F 218 researchmap
Assoc.Prof. Akira Kato akiran@
D-4F 405 more researchmap
Assoc.Prof. Yuya Fukano fukano@
C-3F 302 more researchmap
Lecturer Masatoshi Sonoda msonoda@
B-1F 115 more researchmap
Assit.Prof. Takanori Saito takanori_saito@
C-3F 303 more researchmap
Assit.Prof. Akira Hama a.hama@
C-3F 307 more researchmap

Division of Landscape and Economics

Design science for the best use of land resources such as crop field, forest, region, and urban area that are related to the agricultural production and anthropogenic consumption and can be used comfortably and sustainably in the changing global environment and values. It contributes to urban greening, sustainable town development, and the promotion of horticultural industry and agriculture.

(Key Words)
Land use management, Ecosystem service assessment, Environmental governance, Landscape design, Green infrastructure, Marketing, Resilience, Agricultural policy, Ecological landscape, Environmental culture, Small plant factory, Urban green space policy, Planting management, Watershed spatial design, Scenario planning, Science communication, Consumption behavior

Prof. Michiko Takagaki mtgaki@
B-3F 311 more researchmap
Prof. Shinichi Kurihara kuri@
B-3F 315 more researchmap
Prof. Junhua Zhang zhang@
A-2F 201 more researchmap
Prof. Shiro Takeda st@
A-2F 204 more researchmap
Prof. Tatsuaki Kobayashi ktatsu@
D-4F 403 more researchmap
Prof. Noriko Akita noriko@
D-2F 203 researchmap
Prof. Takeshi Kinoshita tkinoshita@
A-3F 301 more researchmap
Assoc.Prof. Ryosuke Shimoda r.shimoda@
B-3F 324 more researchmap
Assoc.Prof. Tomoko Takeuchi tomoko_takeuchi@
D-5F 504 more researchmap
Assoc.Prof. Komei Mishima koumei@
D-3F 305 more researchmap
Lecturer Yuki Yano y.yano@
C-4F 402 more researchmap
Assist.Prof. Shokan Ko ko.syokan@
B-3F 327 more researchmap

Related Staff

Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences (Kashiwanoha Campus)

Prof. Hitoshi Ohara oharah@
C-2F 207 researchmap
Prof. Hitoshi Watanabe hwatanabe@
Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences more researchmap
Assoc.Prof. Satoru Tsukagoshi tsukag@
Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences researchmap
Assoc.Prof. Na Lu(field)
Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences more researchmap
Lecturer Natsuko Kagawa knatsuko@
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Lecturer Katsuji Noda k_noda@
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Assit.Prof. Takanori Kuronuma t.kuronuma@
Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences researchmap
Assit.Prof. Harumi Ikei hikei@
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Graduate School of Global and Transdisciplinary Studies

Prof. Masami Watanabe masamiwata@
Nishi-Chiba Campus Interdisciplinary Research Bldg. 3F 312 more researchmap
Prof. Koichi Uehara uehara@
B-1F 123 more researchmap

Marine Biosystems Research Center

Assoc. Prof. Tatsuya Togashi togashi@
Marine Biosystems Research Center more
Prof. Tomonori Kikuch kikuchit@
Marine Biosystems Research Center

Faculty of Education

Prof. Masahide Yamato Myamato@
Nishichiba Camous Faculty of Education Building more researchmap
Assoc. Prof. Katsuki Umeda umeda@
Nishi-Chiba Campus Faculty of Education Bldg. researchmap

Institute for Advanced Academic Research

Assoc. Prof. Mai Minamikawa minamikawa@
B-2F 214 more researchmap