Graduate School・Faculty

Harumi Ikei

池井晴美_Harumi Ikei.jpgHarumi Ikei

Name Harumi Ikei
Position Assistant Professor
Degree Ph.D.
Office Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences
E-mail hikei@

Harumi Ikei received her Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Horticulture, Chiba University, Japan. Her specialty is nature therapy. Her research aims to elucidate the physiological relaxation effects of the stimulation caused by nature environments and nature-derived substances on humans. She is accumulating scientific data by studying physiological indicators such as brain, autonomic nervous, and endocrine activities. Her recent research focuses on elucidating 1) individual differences in how natural therapies affect humans and 2) their effects on high-stress individuals. Dr. Ikei's major awards include the Japan Prize in Agricultural Science, Achievement Award for Young Scientists (The Foundation of Agricultural Sciences of Japan, 2021), and Japan Wood Research Society Progress Award (The Japan Wood Research Society, 2019).

Please visit the researchmap website to see her achievements.