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Hideyuki Takahashi

Hideyuki Takahashi Prof. Ph.D.

IMG_5733.jpeg"Hideyuki Takahashi

Name Hideyuki Takahashi
Position Project Prof.
Degree Ph.D.
Office C-4F 401
E-mail hideyukitakahashi@
Website (Under construction)


1977 Yamagata Univ., Faculty of Agriculture (BS)
1979 Yamagata Univ., Grad. Sch. of Agriculture (Ms.)
1982 Tohoku Univ., Grad. Sch. of Agriculture (Dr.)
(Awarded degree: Doctor of Agriculture)


April 1982 - March 1985 Wake Forest Univ., Dept. of Biology, Post-doctoral fellow
April 1985 - December 1986 Tohoku Univ., Inst. for Agricultural Research, Research Associate
January 1987 - March 1988 Tohoku Univ., Inst. for Agricultural Research, Assistant Professor
April 1988 - June 1992 Tohoku Univ., Inst. of Genetic Ecology, Assistant Professor
August 1989 - July 1991 Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dept. of Biology, Visiting Scholar
July 1992 - April 1996 Tohoku Univ., Inst. of Genetic Ecology, Associate Professor
May 1996 - March 2001 Tohoku Univ., Inst. of Genetic Ecology, Professor
April 2001 - March 2020 Tohoku Univ., Grad. Sch. of Life Sciences, Professor
April 2020 - Emeritus Professor of Tohoku Univ.
January 2023 - Present Chiba Univ., Grad. Sch. of Horticulture, Project Professor


Plant Physiology, Olericulture, Space and Gravitational Biology

Research Interest

Plants with sessile nature fascinate Prof. Hideyuki Takahashi by showing ability to control their growth and development in response to environmental cues such as light (day-length), water, mechanical stimuli and gravity, which play critical roles for their survival. Prof. Takahashi's accomplishments include clarification of the mechanistic aspects of sex differentiation of cucurbit flowers, hydrotropism in roots, and plant responses to gravity and mechanical perturbation. Today, space environment is utilized for the study of the gravity-influenced phenomena. He has been devoted to plant space biology for a long time and conducted four spaceflight experiments in Space Shuttle and International Space Station. Recently, Prof. Takahashi has started fundamental studies to grow plants in a plant/food production system for human space habitation.


Please visit the researchmap website to see his achievements.