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Yutaka Iwasaki

Yutaka Iwasaki Prof. Dr. Agri

Yutaka IwasakiYutaka Iwasaki

Name Yutaka Iwasaki
Position Prof.
Degree Dr. Agri
Office E-5F 503
E-mail iway@

I was born in Kyoto, and went on to the Okayama University graduate school natural science research department after I had graduated from the Kyoto Prefectural University Department of Agriculture forestry department. I worked to Himeji Institute of Technology (Present : Hyougo prefectural university),and Hyougo prefectural Awaji Landscape and Horticulture Academy. And now, I works for The University of Chiba Department of Gardening in 2005. I am major in the green tract of land welfare study and the man plant, and environmental health study. The research on a better relation between the person and the plant is advanced from various aspects like not only the aspect from the green tract of land and the plant but also the medicine, pharmacology, and the nursing studies, etc. Concretely, the research on "Green ideal way in the medical treatment welfare organization" such as the hospitals which are the scene where the research on "Green remedied effect" like the gardening treatment, the aromatherapy, and the forest treatment, etc. and they are practiced is assumed to be the main theme.

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