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Tatsuaki Kobayashi

Tatsuaki Kobayashi Prof. Ph.D.

Tatsuaki KobayashiTatsuaki Kobayashi

Name Tatsuaki Kobayashi
Position Prof.
Degree Ph.D.
Office D-4F 403
E-mail ktatsu@

Prof. Kobayshi was born in Nagasaki, and was graduated from Kyoto University. His career in Chiba University started in 1985. His specialty is Landscape and Restoration Ecology. He got PhD from Kyoto University with the thesis "Ecology and Water Relations of Revegetation Plants in Mu-us Sandy Land". His current research theme are as follows; conservation of wild apple in spring marsh, conservation of wild azalea in the Boso Hills, and the effect of the management of suburban forest on understory flora and fungi. He is interested in the ecological basis of the issues as genetic structure, nitrogen metabolism and society. He also has the long experience in desertification studies in Inner Mongolia. He is concerned with Asian academic exchange as the secretary-general of International Consortium of Landscape and Ecological Engineering, and with the national policy on biodiversity conservation as a member of the committee of botanical specialists for Alien Species Act.

  • Tatsuaki Kobayashi
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